Supporting “Happy Schools” in New Delhi

We’re so happy to support the wonderful team who provide education to disadvantaged children at two “Happy Schools” in New Delhi, India.

These schools were founded by Kamal Ji in 1998 and are run by a team of committed staff and volunteers.

Ambika (School Head, standing left) and Kamal Ji (School Founder, standing right) meet with two volunteers working at one of the Happy Schools.

Neelu, a young woman who was sponsored by Kamal Ji to complete school and teacher training, will now become one of the first teachers at Happy School Two. Wendy Brooks is proud to sponsor Neelu’s salary, who will play an integral role in creating strong foundations for these children to learn and grow.

We look forward to hearing their progress when our Happy School friends, Kuko and Vipen Kapur, return to visit Melbourne later this year.

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