Disruptive Ideas Vol. 2 No. 21

We can’t pick and choose when to stand up for victims of human rights abuse

“As a (new UN human rights) council member, Australia will be asked to make decisions on the gravest human rights abuses facing the world. It cannot just pick and choose when to stand up for the victims of human rights abuse. And it cannot let immigration policy determine foreign policy. As a council member its job is to stand up for victims, not just when it’s in the national interest to do so but every time.” – Read More 

Treat people as citizens

“How a generation of political thinkers has underestimated the abilities of ordinary people and undermined democracy.” – Read More

I thought I was one of you: Unpacking my brownness in white spaces

“I was a little brown girl from Sri Lanka who had grown up in Melbourne, surrounded by white peers, going to Little Athletics and piano lessons on the weekends and eating Vegemite and Tim Tams. You all came to my birthday parties. I bought you all back souvenirs when I went to Sri Lanka on holiday. I thought I was one of you.” – Read More

Video: Can we consume our way to a better society?

“Social enterprise is changing the way we consume. In this video with some of the most prominent players in the sector, The Spinoff asks: can we consume our way to a better society?” – Watch Here

The Instagram poet outselling Homer ten to one. Meet Rupi Kaur

“She is, deeply and truly, a poet of Instagram: In the manner of that medium, her work is human experience, tidily aestheticized and monetized, rendered inspirational and relatable in perfect balance. Her poems are, for the most part, short enough to fit easily in Instagram’s square frame, and her sentiments general enough to be universally recognizable.” – Read More

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