Disruptive Ideas Vol. 2 No. 22

How the Red Cross has survived in crisis mode for 150 years

“Working at the International Committee of the Red Cross can be like a tech company, but also not. There are no free bars, for one. Two: lots of war zones.” – Read More

Is philanthropy driven by the human desire to cheat death?

“Can the wealthy ‘survive’ without giving? What needs are fulfilled by philanthropy? Do we give to make the world a better place, to give back to the community? Or is charity motivated by reasons that are far less noble – peer pressure, social status, a version of conspicuous consumption?” – Read More

The art of the diary

“People have kept diaries for centuries – and now they’re being reinvented for the era of social media. What purpose do they serve?” – Read More

Movember, ice buckets, fun runs and ‘dry’ months: why philanthropy of the body is all the rage

“Charities are devising new ways to use people’s bodies for philanthropic ends in an ever-growing list of appearance, activity and abstention campaigns. And people are eager to step up to that challenge.” – Read More

Oxfam report calls on Australian retailers to pay factory workers a living wage

“Oxfam is urging retailers such as Target, Kmart, Big W and Specialty Fashion Group, whose brands include Katies and Rivers, to ensure factory workers are being paid not just a minimum wage, but a living wage, which is enough to cover essentials like decent housing, food, and healthcare.” – Read More

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