Let’s celebrate Australia Day on a different day – #ChangeTheDate

Wendy Brooks & Partners vision is for a just and equitable society. We know this can only be achieved when Australia embraces our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters as equal citizens with full rights and as valued members of our community. We need to acknowledge and come to terms with our history, and build a shared future together.

We are deeply inspired and moved by the words, intent and invitation of the Uluru Statement. And we feel that a symbolic yet important step towards national reconciliation is moving Australia Day to a date all Australians can celebrate.

That is why, from this year forwards, we will be open for work on Monday 28 January, the Australia Day public holiday. We are joining a movement of Australians who are not waiting for our Government to do the right thing – we are changing the date ourselves, and calling on others to join us.

Until there is national consensus about a date all Australians can celebrate, we will choose to honour and take a substitute holiday on Mabo Day on the 3rd of June. Mabo Day represents an important Indigenous-led step in our history, where the fiction of terra nullius on which modern Australia was built was overturned. As we continue on our journey to true relationship and reconciliation, in line with the Uluru Statement, we acknowledge and celebrate one of Australia’s Indigenous human rights leaders, Eddie Mabo.

We are sharing this information as we hope you will join with us. For more information please go to http://www.changeitourselves.com.au/


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