webinar: fundraising in a crisis

As we navigate uncharted territory, one thing doesn’t change – the need to support vulnerable people, groups, communities and the planet remains and may even be greater than before.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we couldn’t hold our first 2020 Disruptive Ideas Forum in person. However, we felt that our topic – fundraising in a crisis – was as important now than ever. Thanks to the support of Bendigo Bank, we were able to host a virtual panel session using a professional studio in Melbourne.

Our panel featured three leaders of the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors:
Sarah Davies – CEO of Philanthropy Australia
Amanda McKenzie – CEO of the Climate Council
Jessica Macpherson – CEO of St Kilda Mums

Our discussion covered:

  • why now is as important as ever to prioritise your strategic fundraising.
  • how to keep momentum with fundraising activities and engage with existing donors in times of crisis.
  • how not-for-profits are successfully pivoting on strategy to meet the needs of their community.
  • what to expect going forward in 2020.

We are pleased we can now share the recorded session and discussion with you. We hope you find it as uplifting and informative as we did.

>>Watch the Disruptive Ideas Forum here<<

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