Gifts in Wills – are you ready to elevate your current program?

We recently launched our Client Value Program and ran our first session on Gifts in Wills. It was a great opportunity for us to get our clients together to meet each other, connect during these strange (and often isolating) times and for us to share our intellectual property when it comes to setting up or elevating a Gifts in Wills program.

The discussion delved into the three tiers of Gifts in Wills programs and showed how all organisations can engage with donors and get them thinking about leaving you a gift in their will. We highlighted how to tailor your approach to suit your available resources –  any organisation can get started with a gifts in wills program, even with minimal effort! Or, if your organisation is ready to go the extra mile, we showed how you can take your gifts in wills program to the next level.

Here are some questions to consider when looking at whether your organisation is ready to elevate your current program:

  • Do you have information on your website and in your marketing material or newsletters that advise people that they can leave a gift in a will to the organisation?
  • Is it clear to potential donors who they can call and reach out to should they want to discuss leaving a gift in their will?
  • Do you have a donor willing to talk about why they’re planning on leaving a gift in their will to your organisation? The most successful Gifts in Wills programs use story-telling to talk about the benefits of leaving a gift in a will – we recommend conducting an interview with people that have indicated to you that they are going to give a gift and ensuring you talk to them about how they would like their gift acknowledged when the time is right.
  • Do you have a partnership with a law firm that can assist answer donors questions and update their wills according to their wishes?
  • Does your Board understand your Gifts in Will strategy and how any gifts will be used as part of your broader fundraising strategy?
  • Do you have a database to support you in identifying potential prospects and to make a soft approach to start the conversation?
  • Do you have adequate staff capacity and resources to commit to stewarding these important relationships?
  • Does your CEO have a spiel they can give at events about gifts in wills? Is there a story about what a gift in will has achieved that you can include in your newsletter?

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us about how Wendy Brooks & Partners can support you in considering the next phase of your gifts in wills program, whether you’re just getting started, or need to take it to the next level of effort. We can provide you with a toolkit that steps out the necessary steps for you to do yourselves, or we can get hands on with you in the implementation.

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