disruptive ideas Vol.5 No.21

what aboriginal people know about the pathways of knowledge
“His skill was not sharp eyesight or a special psychological attribute, but something collective embedded in generations of practices: looking at the sand dune while also attending to the angle of the Sun, the way the seasonal wind was blowing and understanding how finches flock in this part of the world.”  Read More

not a day passes without thinking about race: what African migrants told us about parenting in australia
“One parent explained how, for her two children: We have conversations about what they look like, how they are different to other people, and people may want to point out those differences. [We teach them] being different does not mean being inferior or anything like that […] we talk to them to be confident about who they are and to be proud about where they have come from and their African heritage. Read More

13 ways to participate in world kindness day 2020
“If you’re looking for ways to participate in World Kindness Day 2020, here are 13 ways to celebrate.” Read More

government needs to invest in housing now
“The real value proposition is that we need more public housing for what it delivers in human terms to the individuals it houses and for the community to benefit generally.” Read More

there she goes: how to ‘feminize’ a face
“How a trans woman found the surgery that could restore her sense of self.”  Read More

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