disruptive ideas vol.6 no.2

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the mathematical case against blaming people for their misfortune

“The unpredictability of the course of our lives is partly due to rich causal complexity of the social world, with its interlocking web of economic, political, psychological and other factors. Under these conditions of extreme complexity, which are typical of most real-world systems, it’s rarely the case that people can ever meet the bar for blameworthiness.” Read More

the world’s sustainable development goals aren’t sustainable

“Despite its name, the SDG Index has very little to do with sustainable development all. In fact, oddly enough, the countries with the highest scores on this index are some of the most environmentally unsustainable countries in the world. Read More

9 trends that will shape work in 2021

“While 2020 was the most volatile year in modern history, we would be mistaken to think that the disruption is over. Rather, as we move into 2021 and beyond, the rate of disruption will potentially accelerate as the implications from 2020 play out across the next several years. Read More

grounded with louis theroux

“Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and, due to travel restrictions, neither has Louis Theroux. In the second outing of his podcast series, he tracks down more high-profile guests he’s been longing to talk to – a fascinating mix of the celebrated, the controversial and the mysterious.” Listen More

investing in social housing, in the era of working from home

“Housing now has a resounding impact on the kind of employment people can access as a result of its location, physical and digital connectivity and configuration.” Read More

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