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bequests and gifts-in-wills

Establishing a gift-in-will/bequest capacity in your organisation

Leaving a legacy of assets, cash, or shares is a powerful way for supporters to make a lasting contribution to the causes they care about. At Wendy Brooks & Partners, we help non-profit and for-purpose organisations like yours cultivate a gift-in-will (also known as a bequest or legacy) program that fosters stronger donor relationships and secures vital future funding.

Our gifts-in-will service can increase your donations, strengthen your relationships with donors, save you time, and provide your organisation with extremely valuable insights into your community.

What’s involved in setting up a gift-in-wills/bequests capacity?

Wendy Brooks & Partners can assist you to:

  • Develop an appropriate gift-in-will strategy for your organisation;
  • Enhance your current program to achieve best-practice and industry-leading success;
  • Provide you with recommended wording for your landing page, including legally approved wording for inclusion in your supporters’ will;
  • Draft associated webpage content and marketing materials including a gifts-in-will flyer;
  • Help you choose the right digital platform to support the functionality of your program;
  • Develop a communications strategy for promoting your new gift-in-will/bequest program, and;
  • Create impactful case study videos, showcasing stories of those that have made pledges to encourage others to give.

“Wendy Brooks & Partners assisted us formalise and enhance our gifts in wills program. It was an efficient and cost-effective process and importantly provides our support base with the information they need to consider us in their estate planning process.

— Emma Maiden, General Manager (Advocacy and External Relations), Uniting NSW.ACT

Secure your organisation’s share of the biggest wealth transfer in history

Australians have increasingly lived longer lives and accumulated more wealth over the past century, and although they leave most of their legacy to their families, around 7% leave a bequest in their will for the sum of around $40,000-50,000. From 2023-2030, $1.1 trillion of wealth will be transferred across a generation – projected to 2040, somewhere between $500 and $800 billion of wealth will be transferred every five years.[1]

The bottom line? Only organisations with an active gift-in-will or bequest program stand to benefit from this wealth transfer.

Why choose us?

Our team has immense experience in Australia’s not-for-profit sector and processes and resources built over our decade of operations. We have guided not-for-profits of every different focus area, level of experience, and size to strategically grow their funding and build industry connections.

Leveraging our years of knowledge and experience with these programs, we will guide you through every step of establishing your very own gift-in-will functionality.

Benefit from:

  • Increased donations. Donors who include charities in their wills tend to give more generously overall.
  • Stronger donor relationships. A gift-in-will program demonstrates to your supporters that you are committed to building long-term relationships.
  • Saved time. We can alleviate the burden on your staff by handling many of the administrative tasks associated with building a gift-in-will program.
  • Better data. Most digital bequest/gift-in-services will capture extra information about your supporters, which can be useful in other fundraising activities.

“Wendy Brooks & Partners assisted us to develop a strategy and implementation plan for our gifts in wills program…we are very pleased with the project and have already been notified that a kind supporter has confirmed a gift in their will for us. What seemed like a complex process was made simpler by the support of the team at Wendy Brooks & Partners.”

— Sam Marshall, General Manager (Growth and Strategy), Expression Australia 

Invest in the future of your funding

A gift-in-will program is an investment in the future of your organisation. By partnering with Wendy Brooks & Partners, you can ensure that your organisation creates lasting impact for years to come.

Ready to launch your bequest/gift in will program?

Our CEO, Catherine, would love to discuss the next step of your program. Get in touch via email or over the phone (0419 508 245):